House of Anime

Welcome to the House of Animé! Actually, any animé related content is purely coincidental - the name comes from my over exuberance in perusing hobby rather than a reference to the webpage. At present, this site exists merely as an opportunity for me to develop web page authoring skills and as such you should find the content space and of limited interest. What is of use however is listed in the content below:

Anime Studios for DVD Profiler

Also, this is my current list of DVDs presented with the excellent phpDVDProfiler (you may see a certain bias or two within my collection):

My DVD collection

Finally, a little poject I was inspired to take on as a result of my involvement in supporting the annual Adult Social Care Survey for Coventry City Council. My boss wanted to produce list of people to receive the survey that was representative of our service users... the result being the need for a hugely complicated sampling approach. The following link takes you to my solution (a MS Excel macro that can be used to produce a sample that meets many criteria from a popualtion).

MS Excel sampling macro